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We are hairdressers helping humanity

Our team of dedicated stylists and colour technicians offer an experience different from the rest. We guarantee you will always leave Abbey & Co Hair Boutique feeling amazing.

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  • Emily our bombshell blondie created this 👌The illusion of 💡 same blonde different light  and of course a before shot as we  know how much you love before and afters 😍
  • And on a more lighter note 😂😂😂Got to love a shiny head of beautiful brunette locks with the touch of lightness for brightness 😋  the genius behind this was Taylar 😍 #brunettesofig #subiaco #subiacohair #subiacohairsalon #behindthechair #olaplex #brownhair #brunette #abbeyandco #seesubiaco #crueltyfreehair #urbanlistperth #hairsalonperth #waves #hairbytaylar
  • Ya know, life's not like the gram 😔  just so ya know on Monday I had a tough day. I'm lucky these happen few and far between but Monday really was tough, nothing went to plan, I heard things I didn't want to hear and my creative window display went to shit I stubbed my toe!! 😭 It sucked and I couldn't just get on with it  like I usually would. So, Adele  the rockstar that she is sent me home to chill the farkkk out  tail between my legs and puffy eyes I did! I went fishing actually (my type of zen) 🧘‍♀️ I thought about everything, the highs the lows and the blows/fish i caught a lot of blow fish 😝. However  after my day of not thinking about work, relationships life in general I realised how lucky I am that my team allow me to drop the balls from time to time and tell me to just take a step back and relax. Honestly you girls are rock stars, I'm so grateful for your support and selflessness. Thank you thank you thank you 😘😘😘 it's all good everything works out for a reason and there is a plan whatever the heck that is 🤷‍♀️ but yeah life's not like the gram 😭😭😭😭 it was just a shit day bahahaha but we are good! 🤣🤣
  • Anyone else find that lip gloss and fresh waves don't work on windy days? Here's  solution... tie it up. 😘
Or just check the weather report 😂 ☀️ 💨 👄

We are young, vibrant hairdressers who care

We care about clients wanting the most beautiful outcome for their colours, cuts and styles. We care about helping others become skilled ‘hair artists’ in disadvantaged areas. And we care about actively promoting a culture of positivity and self-worth.

We are consistent in our surroundings yet consistently changing/adapting to our seasons. We are authentic, friendly, highly skilled hair stylists whose objective is to empower clients through their hair to become the best versions of themselves. Our mission is to inspire you.

When you look after yourself, you’re making it possible for others to do the same. It’s thanks to your support that we can continue to empower others, whether they want to find their potential in hairdressing or just need an extra helping hand. Anyone can be a part of the Abbey & Co movement — you just have to care.

Our salon isn’t your average stereotype where we walk around being blondes or brunettes. We welcome all walks of life — short, long, green, red, natural or pretending to be natural. Anyone and everyone is welcome. So if you care, then welcome to Abbey & Co.

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The Team

Our products

Because we all love a bit of Attenborough, Abbey & Co is on an organic/sustainability warpath! With everything we know (and are constantly discovering) about biology, ecology and beauty, we believe there’s absolutely no need to still harm animals in the quest for luxury hair care. Nor do we need to sacrifice the quality and integrity of our hair with harsh chemicals to achieve the look of shiny, long locks.

We want healthy, beautiful hair — and we want it the right way. Ask about the vegan, sustainable and eco-friendly products found right here in our salon. And keep following to see what brands get to be part of Abbey & Co.

Our product guarantee

Our hair product range will always have a personal guarantee and if you aren’t happy with what you have been suggested, then we have a 30 day return policy (proof of purchase required). Also if you spend $130.00 or more at Abbey & Co you will be given a complimentary blowdry voucher to be used in our salon at anytime. This also includes any heat styling tool.