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The Team

The Abbey & Co Subiaco Hair Team – we are a team of vibrant, passionate & fun loving hair stylists that have a magical talent of making our clients look & feel on top of the world.

To really get to know our Abbey & Co Subiaco hair team, check out our profiles below…

Abbey&Co Subiaco Hair Boutique Team


Aka mother hen, boss lady. I love hair, cutting, restyling, slicing and dicing :). If you are after a restyle, have short hair, or just bored of the same old then let me go crazy  and you’ll be stopping traffic… in a great way of course!

Obviously every client that sits in one of our chairs is trusting us with our creativity and my aim is to make sure you all have the best experience in salon ever. Giving clients a complete makeover and have them leave the salon raving about their time at Abbey & Co Subiaco Hair Boutique is my passion.

As a team leader I strive to give my team members the best opportunities possible at work, I try and keep them inline (however most of the time they are keeping me inline). The team says “Abbey is the adopted mother for us all, both a friend and a mentor she pushes us to the limits. She is the positive mood booster and strives for growth in all of us….Also loves a good pun 🙂


Adele Joined the team in July 2018, and we are obsessed with her. She’s a bit of a jack of all trades, as she is trained in makeup as well as hair. So that means we now do make up in salon, making Abbey& Co your one stop shop for your hair and makeup events.

Adele also spends a lot of time working with the charity Empower-aid, where she teaches hairdressing to disadvantaged women in Bangladesh. Check out her bio on Instagram to learn more about Adele.

Abbey&Co Subiaco Hair Boutique Team


Well in a nutshell, she is passionate about animals, a proud vegetarian, extremely supportive of our cruelty free products we have in store, saving the planet (however struggles to keep a plant alive) and of course hair – CRAZY about colourful hair.

Kelsey isn’t afraid to step out of the square when it comes to creating new coloring techniques, she’s a thinker then will do, with all guns blazing. Whatever she creates will be spot on as she is never wrong (typical x-gen syndrome). Her love of tattoos is an art of its own, however give her a bowl of tint and a brush and watch her hands create magic.

The Team at Abbey & Co are all amazed at how quickly this young gun can learn and know that she will be a stylist we will read about in the future.


Talitha was too cool for school and now has be unleashed into the world of hairdressing. She has started her apprenticeship with us and is not only growing into a beautiful young lady but an amazing team member.

She has the toughest job of us all running around after all of the mayhem at Abbey & Co, but somehow she manages. Nurturing and watching Talitha grow has been extremely rewarding and we all can’t wait to see what the next few years will bring in our salon.

Abbey&Co Subiaco Hair Boutique Team


119 Rokeby Road


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